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The Best 5 Mangosteen Benefits for Health

The Best 5 Mangosteen Benefits for Health
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The Best 5 Mangosteen Benefits for Health - The benefits of mangosteen are very good for human health. Mangosteen can prevent many dangerous diseases.

Many researches have found that mangosteen and its skin rich of more than 40 kinds xanthones of compounds. Xanthones is the most anti-oxidants in the world.

Benefits of mangosteen not only has super agent 'The Xanthones ', Mangosteen also contains polikasanida, cathechins, and polyphenols.

Which is one anti-bacterial material. Need to keep in mind that Xanthones is one of main active components from mangosteen.

Here are the benefits of mangosteen for human health:

1.    Prevent Cancer

mangosteen benefits in preventing cancer is quite remarkable, and even cancer and cancer symptoms can be treated using benefits of mangosteen.

The most important result of research related to cancer is to prevent development of tumors caused by presence of compounds garcinone E.

So keep in mind for those cancer patients to please be careful in consuming mangosteen. That is because there are some studies that say that benefits of mangosteen have not been tested very well to problem of cancer.

Academic evidence for cancer treatment or prevention is not yet proven, in Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology, scientists warn that even cancer patients should be careful in using mangosteen extract products because of potentially also increase blood sugar levels.

But it remains substances xanthones in mangosteen are very reliable in preventing and fighting cancer, but it is good to consult with a doctor about this problem.

2.    Reduce the Pain

Mangosteen not only its taste that sweet make people love this fruit.

Mangosteen also has anti -inflammatory properties that can combat pain (inflammation, pain and joints damage, arthritis, or pain caused by exercise and minor injuries).

3.    Prevent Infection

Compounds that found in mangosteen is believed to inhibit growth of fungi and bacteria that cause various types of infections in wounds.

This theory is supported by several studies published in the July 2003 edition of "Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin", in this study, researchers tested xanthones from mangosteen.

This research proves that xanthones substance can stop growth of bacteria that causes tuberculosis infection.

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4.    Rich of Anti-oxidants

 The content of antioxidants in mangosteen fruit can help remove free radicals found in the body and eliminates certain toxins resulting from pollution.

5.    Good for High Blood Pressure

Another benefit of the mangosteen is very good for people with high blood pressure, fiber content, minerals, and vitamins are very supportive to lowering blood pressure.

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