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Positive and Negative Effect of Alcohol

Positive and negative Effect of Alcohol
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Positive and negative impacts of liquor - Liquor? I've certainly know all, or kids or adults for sure I've never heard of. Liqueur we know most beverages are harmful to the health of the body, but for those who've never tried the drink until drunk surely holds 180 degree turn.

Some time ago, I got invited to drink beer are the same friends I school (children of school age are now already. Because I'm still a child including ababil, naturally I want liquor, although a bit wrote.

After drinking I had time to think what impact drinking liquor. I would search on the internet about liquor, and it turns out there are some positive and negative impacts of liquor for the body. Please note the following info:

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Positive impact

Liquor can provide benefits if taken in doses that are appropriate and not excessive.

1. Wine

With a dose of a glass of wine per day, for women, wine can increase the level of estrogen, which slows the bone damage and reduces the risk of dying young up to 33%. As for the men, wine is able to reduce the risk of the occurrence of prostate cancer.

For our bodies, wine is able to confront the disease against our bodies, like stroke, kidney stones, heart, diabetes and cancers of the upper digestive tract. Wine can also prevent cholesterol, because it can burn calories which can form fat.which alcoholic drink is good for skin

2. Beer

Beer is generally made from fermented wheat and can reduce the risk of heart disease. While low-alcoholic beer can be used as anti cancer if drunk regularly.

One and a half glass of beer a day can increase insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of diabetes and kidney stones. In addition to this protein in the brain is able to protect the beer or the threat of attack Alzheimer's and breast cancer in women.

which alcoholic drink is good for skin
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3. Vodka

The benefits of belonging to the vodka portion can beautify the skin of the face or head. To shrink the pores can affix vodka on cotton and quite to the face.

As for your dandruff can mix some shot of vodka on your shampoo bottle. And the last is to smooth your feet and hands before menicure, pedicure and simply combine the vodka into the warm water and soak your feet.

4. Wine/Alcohol

This liquor has a fairly high alcohol levels. Alcohol helps nourish the body as it contains effect warms the body.

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The Negative Impact

The negative effects of liquor when used excessively.

1. Organic Mental Disorder (GMO)

This disturbance will lead to changes in behavior, such as acting rude, angry so easily have problems in the environment. Changes in Physiology as the eyes squint, red face and way stagger. Change in psychology such as difficulty concentration, often digress and irritable.

2. Damaging the Memory

Addicted to booze can the development of memory and brain cells.

3. Cerebral Oedema

Swelling of blood in the brain tissue. Resulting in impaired coordination in the brain normally.
benefits of alcohol for health

4. Cirrhosis of the liver

Inflammation of liver cells and cell death in the liver due to drinking too much liquor.

5. Disorders of the heart

Drinking too much can make your heart does not function properly.Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact

6. Gastrinitis

Sore or wound in the stomach. This is usually caused due to vomiting alcohol, because the stomach must be forcibly pumping out the addictive substances that are toxic in the body.

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7. Paranoid

Because of addiction, such as frequent drinkers feel like head beaten up or not. So his behaviour became more rough on those around him.

8. Poisoning/Drunk

Drinking too much booze can eliminate the consciousness of her aliases already up. Normally this is arguably "tasty" of liquor. Though I've obviously poisoning.

Additional info, I also got terms of drinking

  • Drink the appropriate dose is determined
  • Is sufficient age (21 years)
  • Buy liquor that's been labeled the Ministry of health,

For the youth and the next generation of the nation should not drink liquor. Although liquor is useful, but it is better avoided. It is also still a lot of food and drinks more healthier than booze.

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