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Hidden Benefits of Wild Cherry

Hidden Benefits of Wild Cherry
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Hidden Benefits of Wild Cherry - Perhaps many are not aware of this one fruit is the fruit berry. At first glance this fruit is similar to grapes that are round and small and clustered. Fruit that has the Latin name Antidema Thwaitesianum.

Wild cherry is somewhat rare for the time being, the hallmark of berry fruit has a sweet and fresh acid. There are so many types of processed raw materials are made from this  fruit, such as jam, syrup, salad and much more.

Wild cherry does look small, but who think tucked behind their small size or the efficacy of the great benefits of the fruit. As is known, and based on research, Berry contains a lot of nutrients that are good for the human body include: Vitamin C, vitamin A (carotenoids), vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, minerals iron, phosphorus and other substances.

The content of its high vitamin C have function antioxidant to prevent cancer and premature aging. Vitamin C also increases endurance. The fruit is also rich in fiber which can maintain digestive tract health and mprevent colon cancer. The content of vitamin A in the fruit wild cherry role in maintaining eye health. And vitamin E will tighten and rejuvenate the skin cells.

Clearly if the fruit of this berry has many benefits for the human body because of the many nutrients contained in the tiny fruit.

So what are the benefits of this Wild cherry? Let's consider the following:

For Eye Health

Crate carrots, berry fruit is also able to keep our eyes in order to stay healthy for the content of vitamin  A contained in the berry fruit is good to maintain eye health and prevents the occurrence of eye dim afford early.

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Berry is rich in fiber is very suitable to be consumed for those of you who have digestive problems, causes digestive tract smoothly is because the body does not lack fiber, so it is not smooth, berry fruit consumed regularly will help fill the lack of fiber in the body so that digestive problems can be resolved.

Maintain Immune

Berry is rich in nutrition is very nice to be able to preserve the body's immune and antioxidant body, eating fruits wild cherry time after completing the hard work or the weight is perfect, because it refreshes.

Treating Ulcers and Itch

The trick crushed / mashed berry fruit until smooth and then rubbed on the wound or itching.

Consume how easy that is Prepare Wild cherry ripened about 30-40 pieces.

Wash thoroughly and then we discard seeds. Then Eat the flesh Do it as much as 2 to 3 times a day. After that, Drink warm water or Water for Neutralizing acid taste after Eating fruit earlier Wild cherry

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