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Benefits and the Way to do Diet Mayonnaise

Benefits and the Way to do Diet Mayonnaise
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Benefits and the Way to do Diet Mayonnaise - Diet means it is set to eat and drink, to achieve certain goals for the body and health. There are several dietary goals, including weight loss and control medical conditions such as preventing the recurrence of certain diseases that may be related to food and beverages.

Actually there are so many diet flow around the world, including vegetarian diet, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, Mayo's diet, and many more. The types of diets can be popularized by anyone, the way he could take the eating habits of certain areas and adapt, or based on solid research and actually considered to achieve the purpose of the diet itself.

Talking about whether diet Mayo; the flow of this diet was introduced by one of the trusted medical organizations in the world, namely the Mayo Clinic. Thus it is not surprising that the flow of this diet is now so popular as it is called that Diet Mayo.

Beginning standing Mayo diet

The world is a private institution, the Mayo Clinic, the organization stood by involving doctors, researchers and medical experts are jointly conducting a study for the purpose of education, research and treatment. Mayo Clinic is now pledged approximately 55,000 professionals in the field of health, with three clinics and four hospitals.

In addition to the purposes of research and education initiatives, Mayo Clinic has helped to treat more than 6 million people worldwide since it was founded in 1863.
Now, Mayo Clinic has been synonymous with the name of a stream of diet, which means that this diet was developed by experts through research and clinical experience, and established with sufficient risked their name and reputation on the safety and effectiveness of the diet.
Source: Mayo Clinic

Thus it is not surprising, because the good reputation of this organization has a lot of people interested in diet or Mayo Mayo Clinic Diet, which is not just counting calories or reducing carbohydrates.
But whether it is true Mayo diet can help you lose weight in two weeks?
Over flow Mediterranean Diet, Diet Mayo is covering the whole lifestyle of the culprit. The main function of the flow of this diet is to avoid eating habits and poor lifestyle habits, and replace it with a healthy way.

Menu and stages Mayo diet

There are two stages in Mayo diet, and all not by repeating the cycle of dieting. There is only the introductory stage in two weeks called "lose it", followed by a second phase of the so-called "live it".

Lose It

Two weeks "lose it" should be able to make 10 pounds of weight loss and should be able to keep it.
This is done by removing a portion of the five habits and unhealthy activities included:

  • Watching TV while eating
  • Snacking, may only fruits and vegetables
  • Eating too much meat
  • Consuming too much sugar
  • Eating in restaurants (if the menu is violating any of the rules above)
Dieters Mayo then replace bad habits with five healthy habits that include:
  • sport
  • eat a good breakfast
  • eat lots of fruits and vegetables,
  • grains,
  • consume healthy fats, such as monounsaturated fats.
After two weeks in a period of "Lose It", and dieters have run or lifestyle habits recently.

Live It

Then perpetrator began to enter the second phase: the phase of "live it", which should continue for the rest of his life. And dieters built on the progress he has made his own in the first phase by setting weight loss goals.

Dining setting at Mayo diet is a food pyramid model, and must be willing to sweat by exercising half an hour to an hour a few days a week.

Between 6 to 10 pounds may be lost during the running phase "Lose It" phase "Live It", dieters can expect to continue to lose weight between 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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Excellence Mayo diet

Diet Mayo has advantages when compared to other diets stream. Most of the food groups are allowed in the diet Mayo, which means you do not restrict certain foods, so do not get sick. Also, foods that are allowed in this diet are readily available in every shop - so it will not inflate your household budget. Even if you curb your eating habits as suggested, you might even be able to skimp in doing this diet.

Some diets will count accuracy by calculating the calorie intake. But Mayo diet does not require counting calories, but still consider the type of calories consumed. But Mayo diet will not stop if you wants more estimating how many calories you want to burn each day, and then adjust the intake  - but it was not needed in the diet plan itself.

Menu Eating Diet Mayo

To adopt this diet, you will also need to learn and adopt method of how to eat from "food pyramid" Mayo Clinic. Traditional food pyramid generally include breads, cereals, rice and pasta as a food base or the bulk of it. However Pyramid Mayo Clinic diet includes all kinds of fruits and vegetables recommended by unlimited servings.

Although it is not easy to adopt this new kind of diet, but it is not too difficult to adjust to the food pyramid.

The positive thing from Mayo diet is much greater than the negative things. Mayo Clinic has pioneered a sustainable diet,  that encourage a healthy lifestyle and good habits for life.

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