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4 Benefits of Fasting Birthday

4 Benefits of Fasting Birthday
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4 Benefits of Fasting Birthday - Fasting on the day of birth is generally more popular with the term fasting weton for the Javanese. Overall ordinance of fasting is essentially concerns the efforts undertaken by someone with specific intent. Fasting the day of birth or weton fasting itself is a kind of fasting that is done at the time of birth or weton of each person. For people who live in the land of ritual fasting weton Java certainly is not foreign to the ear because until this very day there are still some people who carry it out. Even the fast implementation weton or day of birth is often mischaracterized as concerns efforts undertaken as a form of requirement to get something that is worldly.

In the teachings of Islam, fasting weton or fasting day of birth does not exist. This kind of fast is a community tradition kejawen in the past that there is still a handful of people who run it. We need to understand the essence of a practice is a mandatory thing should not be forgotten. For that, we should instill the intention is only to worship God through fasting. Do not let fasting is done because of the tradition makes us look forward to other than God or even the intention of fasting such as efforts are expecting their reciprocal of God to us.

The essence of fasting Fasting Day of birth or Weton

If we talk about the fast, of course, we are not merely talking about the displacement hours eating a meal alone. Apart from it that all kinds of fasting, including fasting is an attempt concern weton very good for human body in terms of health. The body will undergo a detoxification process namely the process of spending toxins from the body through the skin in the form of sweat and from digestive system.

Prophet Muhammad formerly often fasted on Thursday where the day is the day he was born. However, once it is understood more deeply, it turns out he fasted on Monday in the framework of the day is the birthday of the Prophet and the first revelation is not a day of fasting at birth as a human child. So fasting on the day of birth Rosullah the sunnah his people and not fasting on the day of birth.

Above we know the essence of fasting the day of birth is not it? So fast in fact anything that has benefits that can be obtained inwardly and outwardly. But we also should fix the intention of fasting that we conducted. Although fasting in the Islamic Shari'a in the birth of nothing but for the people who live in the land of Java still fasting as concerns efforts in life. Here are some of the benefits of fasting the day of birth:


1. The Body Health Improved

Basically fasting itself apart both mentally but also very good for health. Fasting itself is not limited to starve even displacement meal times only. But the body's digestive mechanism can also be rested so that the stomach does not work continuously. Obviously this will make healthy body becomes better because during the digestive system a rest then other organs will experience rest breaks.

2. Helps Detoxification Process

When a person is fasting, the body will actually start to do the detoxification process so that the toxins contained in the body can be released through sweat even dirt in the form of urine. From this we can conclude that fasting is highly recommended of medical terms. Even before the table of surgical medical treatment, patients are required to fast beforehand.

3. In Mental Health and Mind

If before we discussed the benefits of fasting in terms of medical or health of the world so this time we will know what fasting for mental functions and our minds. Someone who often fasted, actually would have thought that a more mature and profound than those who very rarely fast. This is because the mental state and our minds when fasting will decline significantly emotions so that we tend to be able to solve the problems with thinking quieter.

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4. Helpful magically

Moreover, fasting is not limited to the improvement of physical health alone, but in general, weton fasting is also very good for one's mental and mind. However, the benefits that are magical as the statement that fasting is a magical effort to get closer to the things that can not be reached with the logic of the argument is one that is not entirely true. More precisely, fasting is an activity that can make someone have a deeper sensitivity to the creatures on earth.

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